Shredding Go

It’s taken me much longer than I thought it would to go through twenty years of stuff.

Two WEEKS of off-an-on sorting.

Sadly, I’ve realized that I’m a very neat hoarder. Can you say Duran Duran pins circa 1985? One main one and five little ones – one of each member’s face. Oh, I swore I was gonna marry John Taylor. He was soooo cute!

The Duran Duran concert in Lakeland, Florida was my very first concert. Followed closely by the Psychedelic Furs concert at Jannus Landing in St Petersburg – back when St Pete was all criminals, homeless people, and geriatrics.

Then I discovered New Order, the Smiths, and the Butthole Surfers, smoothly transitioning to dating pseudo-skin heads – for the cool factor, not the politics! – Ybor City, teenage angst, and driving my parents crazy.

Ah, youth!

Had a major shredding party featuring my old journals today.

Yes, I left work early to clean out my garage. Sue me.

It was surprisingly easy to let them go when I thought of a possible reality where something happened to me, and my poor distraught family and friends poring over my words from 1997 only to realize that I was confused, really bad with money, and a bit of a tramp. (Just kidding on the tramp thing, Mom!)

Then I sorted through greeting cards and letters dating back to my high school years. Wow! When you sort through them all, you really see who loves – loved, was obsessed with – you much clearer, can’t you?

And now that I’ve cleared so much out of the unnecessary, I can see the treasures I have not just in material possessions but in memories, too. The rest of it – the junk and the bad memories – are all gone now.

I’m so grateful that I’m got to be this age where I’m no longer confused or really bad with money. And the future looks so much brighter without a whole garage full of clutter – albeit neatly labeled clutter – weighing me down.

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