Awaken the Giant

I’m reading this book by Anthony Robbins called “Awaken the Giant Within.”

I know, I know.  Stop laughing.  Honestly, I don’t know what gets me on these self-help kicks. They’re kind of my guilty pleasures. The book is huge, though!  I feel like I’ve taken on “War and Punishment.”

Anyway, I’ve been on the first chapter for a month, and I keep having to re-read what I’ve already read, because I lose my place.  I keep reading this section on “living with purpose” how you have to make a decision to do or to believe certain things.

And it got me to thinking about one of my favorite quotes:  “Happiness is your own responsibility.”  I have that on the inside of my bathroom mirror, written on a bright pink post-it note, so I see it every time I brush my teeth.  I don’t know who said it, but I really believe that’s the secret to life.  Once you make the decision to be happy, take responsibility for it, things just kind of flow.

So much to do. Besides reading Tony Robbins and writing quotes on my bathroom mirror, I’m selling my house and relocating to Virginia.  It’s a move I didn’t want to make, but my local contract is complete.  With the economy as it is and the Boy in college, it seemed smart to stay employed for a bit longer.  I mean, Dog does eat a lot of kibble.

And, you know, I’ve got it better than most and can be happy anywhere I live.  Virginia’s beautiful, if a tad colder than Florida, and there’s so much to do.  :o)

That’s about a month away now and still no progress in the garage!  I’m having one of those giant moving sales next month to try to eliminate all the things I won’t need any longer, like those white canisters that have been collecting dust.  I’m nothing if not consistent in my procrastination.  If I don’t get started, I’ll still be tagging things to sell when the movers arrive.

So this weekend, I’m off to do battle with the cobwebs and boxes with only a broom and a pair of gloves to protect me from creepy crawlies and ambivalence.

Wish me luck.

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