Granola Dog

I’m thinking about having Dog go Vegan.

Stop laughing.

Before you write me off as a fruitcake, here’s my reasoning:

Dog’s becoming a chunky monkey.  Earlier this month, I took him to groomer for his monthly bath.  Since the weather is getting warmer and his hair is all over the place, I had him shaved.  And, People, he looks like a blonde sausage with a head and legs.

He keeps getting ear infections, and he’s scratching – a lot.  A vegetarian diet has proven to give relief from these two issues – for dogs and humans. It also prevents diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

He LIKES fruit and veggies and rice.  And, okay, he likes meat, too, but I don’t eat meat so he doesn’t get that anyway.

The meat industry that does such a crappy job at providing a product free from defect and disease to human beings, while doing such a bang up job at destroying our environment and treating animals cruelly, does an even crappier job at providing the meat filler to pet food companies to make, er, pet food.

And, finally, I want him to live forever.  Dogs on vegetarian diets have been shown to live fuller, healthier, and LONGER lives.

Still think I’m a fruitcake, huh?

Well, I’ll check with his Vet first.  She’s a very nice, open-minded woman, who I suspect will chuckle a bit before she gives me her opinion.  I’ll keep you posted.

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