Leftover Egg Nog

With all the Christmas trees starting to make it to the curbs in my neighborhood, Dog’s confused. He’s not sure whether to pee on them or try to pick them up and drag them home. So far, he’s still weighing his options.

Boy is off to North Carolina for a week with his girlfriend on a ski trip. Her family has a cabin at one of the resorts in Boone and a spare SUV for them to drive up there. I’m more than a little worried about them traveling in the snow, but then I remember how I was at that age – always running off here and there, rolling my eyes at the concerns of my parents.

There is nothing surer than this: your children will make you appreciate your parents more. I think that’s why grandparents dote on their grandchildren so much. For them, grandchildren represent vindication.

Since I’ve been gone I’ve:

Gotten the Christmas cards out and the shopping done.

Almost gotten all the packages mailed. I think that among my friends and relatives, it’s a commonly accepted truth that while my cards and gifts come late, they will come. Sometimes within the month but most assuredly within the year. This is true no matter what the occasion. I’m nothing if not consistent.

Grown my nails out super long. Likely because I haven’t been hammering away on my typewriter. Has anyone seen the previews for that movie, “Up In the Air”? That girl types “with purpose”? That’s me, too. Click, click, clunk.

Baked four-dozen Swedish spritz cookies using my cookie shooter – pink wreaths, green trees, and yellow stars.

Changed a record 98 bulbs on my pre-lit tree. No joke. I counted. And I broke my thumbnail doing it!

Gained a few holiday pounds that I hope to take off as soon as gym season hits on January 1st.

Watched “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” at least three times.

Made some friends a bigger part of my life, mended some fences with old friends, and even let go of some people who weren’t useful or non-toxic…
Speaking of which, I think this is the year to “go green” with my life.

What I mean is, we all have people or situations in our life that are toxic. They do nothing for us and in a lot of ways they’re bad for us because they breed a harmful environment.

There are some people and things that are bad for us that we can’t get away from. Maybe the person bringing the most discontent in your life is contractually bound to you or a blood relation. Maybe the situation is a career that makes you unhappy or is otherwise not-so-fulfilling. Maybe the most toxic person in your life is you.

In any of these cases, it may be difficult, if not impossible, to eliminate that element from your otherwise peaceful existence. What you can do, though, and this is true of every situation, is to change how your react to having that element in your life. Minimize the toxic footprint.

So that’s my thing this year. With the passing of the year, I’m eliminating harmful people and situations in my life. If it’s not good for me, or bad for me in a good way, it’s gone.

I’m gonna be a do-gooder for me this year.

And I’m feeling pretty good about that.

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