A friend of mine went out of town on business last week, and I kept her six-year-old for her. Yes, I’m still exhausted. But, you know, I’d forgotten how awesome it is to get an “I love you” with two little arms wrapped around your neck every morning. It certainly makes the day better!

Dog and I are adjusting to the quiet again, and I’m working my way through bags of cookies and cartons of push-up pops. Besides being nauseated most of the time, I’m getting back into my rhythm quickly.

Am I the only person who hadn’t done their Holiday shopping yet? I’m such a slacker. I bought my UNICEF cards from Pier 1 yesterday, though. Okay, and a package of Godiva chocolate covered strawberries. Totally worth the calories. Beyond that… Eh. Nothing.

I promise to get the cards out by the end of the week.

Or Saturday.

Yeah, Saturday at the latest.


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