I came home early today because I’m coming down with something.  The office rule is:  If you’re sick, stay home.  Dontcha know it took the boss six hours to actually follow her own rule?  So much for leading by example.

I came home, walked Dog, laid down on the couch and started flipping channels.  I picked “The Bridges of Madison County” because my sniffling could be explained away by the tears.  Dog hates when I’m sick.

Now, I don’t want to seem like a traitor to my gender, but what is the deal with this movie?!  I’ve seen it before.  Cried for two weeks after I read the book.  Why do we love it?

Woman takes up with a stranger while her husband and kids are away.  She falls in love.  Of course she does, how else would you explain away your infidelity?  It couldn’t possibly be that she was just bored at home that week.  Had to be love.  Then, and this is the part I have a problem with, she pines away for this man for the REST OF HER LIFE.

I get it.  I do.  I, too, have pined.  But here’s the thing:  She made a choice.  She stayed with her husband and her children and her life.  Wouldn’t you?

Stay with my family who loves me?  Or travel around God knows where with a drifter who picks up married women?  Hmm…  Tough choice.

I would love to transport myself to that fictional woman in Iowa, sometime post-Robert during mid-pine, shake her a bit, and tell her to “snap out of it.”

Happiness, Francesca, is your own responsibility.

Don’t want to question your life choices?  Stop making bad ones.

Crap.  I must really be getting sick.  It is still a work of fiction, right?

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