Guilt and Crab Grass

Dog and I started a running routine.

I signed up for this email course from – “Three Weeks to a Thirty Minute Running Habit.” I signed up for it Saturday, and they sent me Day One immediately. I run in the mornings, so I figured, Great, I’ll do that tomorrow. Except “tomorrow” was Sunday, and Dog and I made a deal that we don’t run on Sundays. I woke up yesterday morning to find Day Two in my inbox and felt a pang of guilt and a little panic. Still, a deal’s a deal.

So, I’m on Day Three of the course, but today was the first morning we ran. Nothing like starting out two days behind.

Dog and I got up and got out. We ran one minute. Then we walked one minute. Then he peed. Then we started to run the next interval but he smelled something good. So, he dropped the tiny catnip toy belonging to Dog’s Cat’s that he’d hidden in his mouth to get a better whiff. He likes to smuggle stuff out of the house and leave them around the neighborhood at random, so he can find them at a later date. I stuffed the slimy toy in my pocket, and then we ran. And then we walked some more.

On our way home he spotted a woman out on her morning walk. He just LOVES this woman, so I braced myself and held on to his leash while he picked up our pace and made a beeline for her.

She laughed good-naturedly while he was molesting her. Thank God! We chatted for a minute, and then both of us regarded the lawn Dog was nibbling grass from.

“At least they got rid of all those sand spurs,” she commented.

These people pulled out all of the grass and planted lirope in the area between the sidewalk and the street. Then, they let it fill in with weeds and that grass that’s really a weed and when you try to pull it out, you end up pulling up half your lawn. It’s been going on for six months.

“You know? I keep hoping they have a concept they’re working toward, and if we’re all just patient and push on through this ugly in between stage together, it’ll look great,” I said.

She and I looked at each other.

“Okay, well, have a great day!” I said brightly.

“You, too.”

Dog and I walked the rest of the way home.

So much for Days One, Two, and Three.


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