Golden Handcuffs

A couple of weeks ago I’d had a conversation with one of my aunts about the fact that, though, I have a nebulous idea of what I want to be when I finish growing up, I’m not entirely certain that I don’t just want those things because they sound like good things to want.

This is the result of working for the same organization for twenty or so years. It becomes all you know, all you see. Everything else becomes abstract, a lovely concept that’s set apart from the reality of what you know.

Anyway, my aunt and I had a good long talk and decided the best plan of action right now would be to talk with people who worked in the fields in which I was interested to get some good gouge on what living in that world would be like.

Here are the things I’ve thought about doing after I leave my company:

  1. Librarian at an academic institution or museum
  2. Curator
  3. Writer
  4. Event planner
  5. Small business owner

After some reflection on our conversation, I decided to take it one step further, so I had an interview at the Fine Arts Museum this week to be a volunteer. This museum has a curator and a librarian, so I figured that volunteering there would give me access to their world and act as an introduction to the people who actually do these jobs.

Either I made a good impression or the director is desperate for help, because I’m to start next Saturday. Wish me luck!

For the rest, well I’m already a writer. Sort of. I’ve published a couple of short stories. And, though, my fiction well has been a bit dried up as of late – I have three separate story ideas languishing on my laptop with nary a clue as to how to resume – through the blogging I keep chugging along. Another mixed metaphor. Crap.

I suppose my next step with this is to talk with a local newspaper or something to see if there’s something I can do there. I suppose the easiest way to go about it would be to actually talk with a writer, someone who does it professionally. But that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? I don’t believe you can really decide if something’s for you unless you actually do it yourself.

The event planner thing might be a bit time consuming to do on a part time basis, and I have to wonder at what that occupational outlook could be in a still declining economy.

And, lastly, the small business owner idea. I know exactly what kind of business I’d like to own, and it’s the kind that will NOT make any money. I haven’t worked in retail since I was eighteen years old, and if I remember correctly, the business owner I worked for did, in fact, want to make money. Come to think of it, she was really ambitious, owning and operating four stores spread out over New England. And she was only twenty-seven.

So, basically, I need to find a business owner who is independently wealthy and who won’t mind me hanging about his or her store to steal ideas of how to run a business that’s really just a very expensive hobby.

Hmmm… Maybe I need to table that one for now.

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