Mexican Food, iPods, and Movies That Make You Go “Meh..”

Email Buddy Eric and I went out for Mexican the other night. It had been too long since we’d had a face-to-face, and there are conversations that just shouldn’t leave a paper trail. We had a lot of stuff in the “off-line” category to cover. Like, which of the people we know are doing things they shouldn’t be doing. It was awesome!

We went to Los Mariachis, which was the scene of one of my more memorable first dates. It was with Dan in Vermont, and what’s really funny about that date is that even though it was mutually agreed upon that it was the worst first date ever, we ended up dating for years afterward. Go figure.

So, after the mariachi band played, after we ate and ate and ate, and after we finished a second round of beers, we walked over to the Dairy Queen and ate ice cream at the picnic table outside while the traffic on Ulmerton zipped by. The weather right now is perfect – warm and sunny during the day but cool in the evenings. I love Florida in October and April. Every other month is a toss up so far as the weather goes.

When I got home, Boy was on the couch working on a term paper on Martin Luther for his World Religions class. I’d picked up him and four trash bags full of laundry after work. He was on his third load of laundry and watching one of the Rush Hour movies. I got the feeling that his paper is going to somehow include a reference to drug dealers and Jackie Chan and how Martin Luther nailed a ransom note on the door of a church in downtown L.A.

But I just bit my tongue and went to bed.

I got up yesterday and went running. It was the first time in a long time as my iPod gave me a sad face icon over a month ago, and I can’t seem to run without a soundtrack. But when I noticed that my favorite jeans wouldn’t move past my thighs, I finally popped into the Apple store last week and recycled my old iPod for one of the new Nano’s with the video camera.

I’d had an 80GB that Boy had gotten me for my birthday last year, so this was a step down. But the  salesman said that the reason I’d gotten the sad face on that one was because I’d used it for running, and blah, blah, something hard drive. The Nano has a flash drive that won’t get ruined so easily. I’m not sure what the video camera is for. I’m fairly certain no one wants a video of me red-faced and panting.

Speaking of “red,” I bought the Red Product one because Apple donates proceeds to that organization Bono pimps. Money for AIDS relief in Africa? You just know I was onboard. I’m such a granola.

After my run, I emailed Dan in Vermont who has to eat Annie’s enchiladas when he wants Mexican:

“I went to Los Mariachis last night, and it was really, really good…”

I got his response as Boy and I were looking for seats at the movie theater last night:

“See now that’s just wrong.”

Boy and I went to see The Invention of Lying. I love Ricky Gervais, and it was almost worth the $20 just to hear Jen Garner say that she had just been masturbating.


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