Breaking Bad

Caught myself complaining this week – a lot. And I hate when I do that. See? There I go again!

Here’s just a sampling of what I complained about this week:

I gained four pounds. Because I’m addicted to peanut M & M’s.

I broke a nail. And they were finally all the same length, but I just had to have that can of soda.

It’s hot. Well, it’s August, and I live in Florida.

I don’t get enough sleep. Would it kill me to let someone else get into the office before me?

I don’t feel like walking the dog. Why can’t he just go in the yard like normal dogs?

I don’t feel so good.

That last one came up yesterday, so I canceled my plans last night and picked up the first season of Breaking Bad on DVD to watch while I closed out my week long pity party. I mean, this feeling sorry for myself crap has to stop. I’m far too fortunate to EVER complain about something as silly as breaking a nail.


Lily came tapping her nails on my front door at around seven, and we took Dog for a walk while she told me all about her week. Hers was pretty stressful, too, so when we got back, I handed her a beer, pulled out my manicure kit, and got to work on her nails while I listened to how her week went.

When she seemed to have come to a stopping point in her list of frustrations, I told her that I wasn’t feeling so hot and about my date with Breaking Bad, a show that my good friend, Dan, in Vermont had been after me to watch for about the last six months. So she went over to her house to pick up some ginger tea to make my throat feel better and came back to settle in on the couch to watch with me.

I love that she didn’t leave me alone the way people do when you’re sick so that THEY don’t get sick. Still I did move over to the big chair so she and Dog’s Cat could have the couch to themselves.

Somewhere into the second episode, I heard her say, “Are you asleep?”


“Are you lying?”

“No,” but, of course, I was.

BTW. If you ever catch yourself feeling sorry for yourself, go rent Breaking Bad immediately. Now that dude has problems..

And my broken nail? Well, I had the rest of my nails filed down to match and painted scarlet, and now you can hardly tell that one is ever so slightly shorter than the rest. :o)

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