Cheaper to Keep Her

I met someone today whose dog is related to Dog. They both came from the same kennel in New Jersey. It’s a very small world. Oh, and it turns out Dog is a descendant of the dog from that movie Fatal Attraction. How cool is that?!

I’ve always liked that movie. I know it’s a cautionary tale on morality, but, aside from the straying husband, I thought the Anne Archer character had just the perfect life. Big house in the country. Gorgeous attorney husband who adored her. Great kid. Good friends. And, in the end, she stood by her man and held together her family. She made a decision that holding it together was better than walking away.

I know that’s not a popular opinion. I meet women who are so brave and tell me that if they found out that their husband was cheating, they’d bounce his butt out the door. I don’t know that it’s that easy, or even if that’s always the right decision.

Whenever I’m talking with a group of women and the subject of men comes up, I usually come away from the experience feeling sick to my stomach. I hear about how men cheat, how they’re jerks, or how they just can’t commit. I don’t agree. There are some men who cheat and there are some men who are jerks. But women cheat, too. That doesn’t mean we all do. And just because something’s broken, that doesn’t mean it can’t or shouldn’t be fixed.

People have reasons for straying. Rarely are they good ones, but they have reasons.

Anyway, the Volvo went to the shop today. She’s sick. It’s not terminal, but it did cross my mind to pull the plug when I found out how much she’d cost to fix.

The “consultant” in the repair shop at the dealership convinced me that she’s really a very good car and can be cured with a steady intravenous supply of slightly less than a month’s salary. He reminded me that if I let her go, the next person she went to would throw a few grand in her and have a great car.

That did it, of course. If I can’t have her, no one will! ;o)

The Volvo’s on a donor list now, and she’s got monthly repairs scheduled for the next six months. I’ve explored my options with other cars, though, and what it comes down to is that it’s just cheaper to keep her.

I mean, I still like her, and she still likes me. And I’ve got A LOT invested in this relationship. Really. You have no idea. So, I think I’m going to stick it out. Ours isn’t the first relationship forged on familiarity and convenience. And I’m sure it won’t be the last…

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