Life on a Chain

This post could easily have been called “Strange Condition,” another of my favorite Pete Yorn songs, but “Life on a Chain” describes me best right now.  And I do love that song.  I always thought it was overshadowed by the success of “Strange Condition” on that same cd, so it gets top billing here…

Ugh!  Too much work and not enough play.  I know I’m going through a transition right now – with work and life – but I am so totally ready to just be transited!  Ten and twelve hour days, and I come home too pooped for anything but a bath and bed.  I’m just too exhausted for words.

There just aren’t any.



So, I’m going to be random and use song titles to name my posts.

I always have been mad into music.  It’s funny that I never ended up playing an instrument with any true proficiency or talent. I gave all my would-be talent to Boy. He plays all the instruments. Seriously.  All of them…

But I do have a good ear for what’s good or what’s going to be good or was good or should have been bigger. Always have had.

I make cds for friends. I give them as gifts for Christmas or sometimes just because.  I have a buddy who’s from Guam, and he made a copy of a cd I burned for him and sent it to a cousin on Guam.  End result: One of my cds is a big hit on the island of Guam.  How’s that for bragging rights?  The entire island of Guam likes one of my cd mixes.  Too cool.

Apparently, it’s not a large island.


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