Will Clap for Food

Last night I went to the single longest eighth grade graduation ceremony ever.

It was for my nephew who I love and 56 other kids who I don’t know.  He goes to a private school, and these parents have paid roughly $100,000 to send their kids to school in a friendly, facilitative haven of learning. They were getting their money’s worth in this ceremony.

I’d eaten an apple. That was it for the entire day, and the night was excruciatingly long.  But I clapped and cheered for everyone, mostly for him and the last kid to get his diploma, though and reminded myself repeatedly as the hours passed that I love my nephew.

After it was over, I hugged my nephew, walked through the pouring rain to get to my car, drove home, and walked Dog.

At some point during that evolution, I ran into Boy who saw me in my bitchy, low blood sugar state and promptly told me he was going to his girlfriend’s.

The front door hadn’t even shut behind him before I was rummaging through my mostly empty refrigerator. I found and inhaled a cheese stick, four crackers, leftover green beans, and half a blueberry bagel with a ton of cream cheese.

I’m telling you, that was the best blueberry bagel ever.


Met Email Buddy Eric yesterday afternoon at the gym.

He needs some motivation to get back into the workout groove after being away for training.  He took one look at me, and said, “So this is what happens to you when I go away for five weeks?”


We worked out on the machines, and then, we skipped the treadmill and just walked outside and talked like no time had passed.  We have so much fun together!

After our second lap around the property, we got back to my car and he asked if I was coming back on Friday to do it again.  I told him I needed to work my arms and could we just go to a bar and lift beers instead. He thought that was funny… I wasn’t joking.

I’m heading to lunch today with an old, old friend.  I haven’t seen him in 12 years, but we were actually pretty close and have managed to keep up with each other through the occasional email and common friends.

He’s a friend by default. He used to be roommates with a good friend of mine, and then I dated his next roommate for, like, a blink. Somehow, he and I ended up the last two standing, and don’t think it wasn’t a tad awkward when the roommate I broke up with came home early from work one day to find the two of us sitting on their couch watching a movie.  I still don’t know how that conversation went.

So, we’ll drive on down to get some lunch and catch up on old times.  We’ll talk about our kids and look at each other’s pictures, and we’ll probably end up coming to the same conclusion so many people come to when they run into old friends:  Life goes on.

And even though we can’t go back again, every once in a while the past is still a pretty nice place to visit.

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