Emails and Cool Chicks

Email Buddy Eric is back!!! Yay!

It’s so cool that he’s back in front of his computer, because I was getting so much work done while at, er, work that I was close to setting a precedent.

We had a really long email string today. It started at eight and ended at three.

We spent most of the day talking about what color I should get my new car in. He thinks I’m red. I think I’m pale yellow. We both agreed that the convertible Beetle was totally me. Well, me and a lot of sixteen-year-olds…

Yes, I realize I’ll only have a job until the day they take the time to take a really good look at my email account, but honestly, I’m so bored some days, it’s worth the risk.


After work, I went to visit my aesthetician. She’s so awesome. She’s one of those ageless women who stayed single until she was in her forties and then met the man of her dreams. She’s just the coolest chick.

We talked about her man, her pets, and yoga. She used to do Bikram until she came to her senses, she said.

She told me doing Bikram in Florida was crazy.

I reminded her that she already thought I was a little nuts.

Then she said, “Oh yeah,” as though she’d just remembered that.

Then she told me I was beautiful.

And then she told me I was done.

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