Random Addictions

When I was riding on Friday evenings, I’d come home absolutely wiped out from the ride and the week, and instead of going out with friends, I’d turn on the television for background noise, do my laundry, and work on my list of things to do for the weekend before I’d pass out at about nine o’clock.  Now that I’m riding on Thursdays, I’m having a hard time breaking that routine because I’ve become addicted to “The Ghost Whisperer.”

Okay, it’s kind of a silly show, and it really pisses me off that when Melinda’s “crossing” the ghosts over, she paraphrases what they’re saying instead of repeating their words verbatim.  I mean, wouldn’t you want you last communication with your loved ones to be in your words exactly?  I’m just waiting for one of those ghosts to interrupt her with a “Look, Bitch, that’s not what I said.”

And you totally would have thought the show jumped the shark when Melinda’s husband died only to come back in the body of this guy whose life Jim was trying to save.  And adding Jamie Kennedy to the cast to take Jay Mohr’s place as Melinda’s partner in paranormal dealings?  Who’s idea was that?

But what can I say? I’m hooked.  It’s my guilty pleasure.  Well, that and People Magazine.  Besides, there are worse things to do on a Friday night than hang out with Jennifer Love Hewitt…

This is how random my life is:  I found myself at Walgreens at five-thirty this morning trying on cheap sandals.  I was out of Coffee-Mate and got sidetracked. I found this really cute pair of sandals that would exactly match the Anne Cole one-piece I ordered from, The Clothing Studio, this store in St John I discovered online about five years ago when I couldn’t find this suit, the same one I’ve worn since I was a teenager, any place else.

I decided to pass on the sandals and went to pay for yet another of my addictions, powdered Coffee-Mate. Wouldn’t you know it?  I was short a penny.  I had fifty-four dollars on me and it came to $4.01.  This guy who looked homeless fished a penny out of his pocket so I wouldn’t have to break a $50 bill or use my debit card.  I’m blown away by the kindness of strangers.  Just by giving me a penny, this guy made my day. You’d be surprised how many strange and wonderful people hang out at Walgreens in the wee hours of the morning.  And the store carries some cute beach shoes, too!

Tons to do this weekend. Yard work, shopping, cleaning. Before I know it, it’ll be Monday, and I’ll wonder where the time has gone.  I find it so funny how we get stuck in our routines.  Life’s just so cyclical.  We have the things we like, the things we do, the people we know. And there’s comfort in sameness. I wonder, though, what it would be like to change everything.  To do only things, eat only things, go only to places and talk only to people we don’t know.

What sort of world would we find if we were to cast off our addiction to routine and move out of our comfort zone?  And once you do that, if you do that, can you still come home to what you know?

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