Pink Flamingos and Literary Criticism

Took Dog for a walk this morning. The mayor’s birthday is today, and someone decorated her front lawn with pink flamingos – one for every year she’s lived. I hope when I’m as young as she still is, I can say that I’ve accomplished half as much. Well, that I’ve accomplished half as much and that a huge Labrador doesn’t poop across the street from my house in full view of my dining room window on a daily basis…


So the class critiqued my short story tonight. Ouch.

I can take criticism. I can. Of course, the criticism I hear most often comes from me, so I don’t pay it too much attention. Lol.

Well, they liked the rewrite, BUT… Yeah, there were a lot of “buts” flying around tonight. No mostly it was good. They were impressed that I was able to compress fifty pages into thirteen. (i.e. fewer pages to read). They learned more about the characters. They didn’t actually hate the characters this time. Still, the professor says I’ve still got work to do.

That’s what I told Carrie when she called tonight to find out how it went.

“What do you mean?”

“She said I had to work on it some more.”

“But I thought it was done. It seems done.”

“I know.”

“What were her comments? Read me her comments.”

So I did. They ended with, “…when will this character realize that this guy is like some air fern who feeds off women like her? And when will she also realize that she’s a bit of an air fern herself?”


Then Carrie says, “What does she mean by ‘air fern’?”

“I’m not sure.”

So we looked it up.

After I finished reading the description in Wikipedia out loud, we were both quiet for a minute, and then I said, “I don’t think that’s what she meant.”

“Me either.”

I think this is part of the work I need to do.

And you know what? That okay.

I’ve still got a few years before it’ll be time for someone to plant pink flamingos on my lawn…

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