Playing the Part

The Boy was in a play at his school tonight.  This is the first time he’s been in a play since he was four years old and had the role of Simba in his preschool’s presentation of The Lion King.  And I have to say: He nailed it.

It’s inborn for him. I’m not a performer.  Never have been.  He’s been a ham from birth.

My sister, Sadie, came to watch the play and brought my niece and nephew with her.  We sat together, though, she’s been angry with me since we spent Christmas at my parents’, and apparently, I was especially bitchy this year.  I didn’t even know she was angry with me until days afterward, but once I found out, I was completely thrown.  Had no idea. I even asked my mother if she’d noticed that I was rude to anyone in particular.  And she’d told me that, “No, I thought you were a bitch to everyone equally.”  So there you go.

Still it was really nice that Sadie came.  Family is family.


Life is going to be super crazy for the next couple of weeks.  Running around getting ready to head up for Carrie’s wedding.  I’m the unofficial maid of honor and sharing the title with a friend who lives close enough to her to have gone with her to try on her dress and throw her a bridal shower.  Unofficial is good, because I’ve already had my punch card filled.

I’m big at weddings. My friends mention that movie, 27 Dresses, every time I talk about heading out for another wedding.  Really, though, I’m not that bad.  I mean, at least I’ve never double booked.

And I’ve already told my mom that if I ever do decide to get married that hundred-year-old chapel near the beach that we were looking at for the first one is out.  She’s just going to get a call from Mexico or somewhere because I’m gonna elope.



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