Drops of Jupiter

I’d like to say that after I got an extension on my portfolio that I came right home an worked diligently to get my story done, so I could spend the rest of the weekend doing fun stuff.

I’d be lying, though.

No, I left the campus and went straight to Target to buy a birthday gift for a very special little boy. Then I went to Whole Foods to pick up lunch.  Then, as I was checking out, one of my ex-boyfriends called.

“Hey there, Goldilocks.”

We hadn’t talked since my birthday, so we spent a good forty minutes catching up.  He’s doing well.  The wife and kids are doing well, too.  Told me my friend Josh was right about me being worth the trouble. Awww.

My best friend, Carrie, says it’s unusual that I’m buddies with so many of my old boyfriends. Sometimes it surprises me, the ones I hear from I mean, but I’m kind of used to it now.  I pretty much always end up being friends with the people I date for any length of time.  I think because I always stress the whole, “I hope we can be friends” thing.  And, well, because I actually mean it.  I mean, even if things end badly, there was good stuff there at some point.

I’m just not a casual dater. I really do care about the guys I end up spending real time with, and I guess they care about me, too.  So, weird or not, I’m really glad they want to remain friends with me.  I’m glad they cared enough to still care.


I ran out to Clearwater for a birthday party/barbeque late Friday afternoon.  One of my co-workers has a son who is turning three.  My co-worker is new, and having met and become friends with his last boss while I was out in California, I feel a little connection with him already.  We’re still circling each other, though, trying to figure out if we’re going to be friends, too, though.

I bought the little boy a bubble maker.  I sat out on the front lawn with him and his older sister while they chased after bubbles on a sunny afternoon.  Then, the little boy picked a flower from his lawn and handed it me with a little kiss.

I left the barbeque early to make it out to the barn thirty minutes away about twenty minutes before I was supposed to be there to tack Kahlua.  So I changed out of my party clothes and into my barn gear on the road. It’s not as hard as you’d think, if you remember to take off the seat belt first.  But, now I can honestly say that I’ve done everything you could possibly imagine doing in a car.

And in chaps, no less.

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