Goldilocks and The Three Friends

I am the Goldilocks of dating.

Come on too strong, I’m running for the hills.  Come on not strong enough, I’m wondering what’s wrong.

I am far more trouble than I’m worth.


Anyway, talked with Josh today for the first time in a while.  Let me just tell everyone again that he is the most awesome guy ever, and if he wasn’t so completely in love with his on-again, off-again girlfriend who he’s known since grade school, I’d have a major crush on him myself.

His voice just calms me.

And even when I’m going crazy over work or whatever, he talks to me in that deep, low voice of his and reminds me that I can handle anything.

“By the way,” he tells me as we’re getting off the phone tonight, “you are worth all the trouble you say you cause.  You’re the type of trouble guys want.”

Isn’t he the best? Clearly delusional.  But still the best.


Email Buddy Eric and I managed to have an entire conversation about cookies today.  He has this weird thing for chocolate chip cookie dough.  And he has the nerve not to like peanut butter cookies.  Can you imagine?  I told him we were through until he told me that he guessed peanut butter cookies were okay if they had chocolate chips.  Gross, right? But he was willing to compromise, so I told him we were back on.

He emailed me back: “Whew!”


Carrie called me tonight, and we talked about her wedding and their plans for the future.  I’m so happy that she’s happy.

I’m flying up in a week and a half to spend some time with her before the big day and help her get ready. Unfortunately, with dress fittings looming, we won’t be able to do our All-Night-Junk-Food-Chick-Flick-Fest on this visit either.  No chocolate cake for us.  :o(

Still we’ll get to hang out and drink and talk about boys together while we’re sitting on her deck under the Carolina sky.  We’ll get to try on pretty dresses together and walk around her house breaking-in our high heels.  We’ll go on walks with her little girl, my other favorite little blonde five-year-old, and talk forever about the things you can only talk about with your closest friend in the world, because they see all of you and love you anyway.  And best of all, I’ll get to watch my best friend marry the guy knows just how lucky he was that she picked him.

All in all, I think it’ll be worth giving up that chocolate cake.

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