Kahlua and the Red-Haired Girl


In observance of the holiday, my friend Josh sent me a St Patty’s day joke via text tonight.

Why do leprechauns laugh when they run?

Because the grass tickles their nuts.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!


It’s been a crazy week. How is it only Tuesday?

A big project at work is keeping me so busy.  I had to make myself stop to order lunch, a really yummy eggplant parm sandwich on focaccia bread, because I was going riding this afternoon.

Got out to the barn at five. Had so much fun with Kahlua who was, true to character, a complete bitch.

The trainer and I talked about boys for a few minutes before we got down to business.  She’s just met someone new, and we discussed her theory of the new dating dichotomy where it seems men are more in need of encouragement from the women they date.

She said that women her age have to take the role of the man, do a little more of the pursuing. I’m not sure I agree, but who knows? We’re in slightly different dating generations.  Maybe men in their twenties do need more courting.  I’m just so happy to not be dating men in their twenties anymore, you know…

I don’t know.  I’m still a firm believer in the adage that whatever you chase will run away.  In the beginning, dating is just such a delicate balance of give and take.  I swear the whole thing sometimes seems to me to be a little like patting your head and rubbing your tummy.  It’s just kind of awkward and foolish.  But as long as you can keep your sense of humor about it and keep it in perspective, when you get it right, it’s totally worth the trouble.

So today we tied the stirrups to the saddle again, and I did much better.  My feet are finally staying where they’re supposed to stay.  I’m consistently mediocre instead of periodically crappy.

Then, she put me on the horse on this lunging thingy, where she controlled Kahlua, while I rode around in a circle posting (squat down squeeze up) with my hands on my hips and then my hands on my head.  Did really well there, too.

There’s a little red-haired girl who comes out to watch me ride sometimes.  She’s eleven and a total doll.  Whenever there’s a lull in the action, we chat together about school and horses.  As I was walking Kahlua back to her stall today, I asked her if I was doing any better with my riding.

She smiled at me, very sweetly and shyly, and told me that I was.  “Much.”  :o)

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