Friends and Neighbors

Went out last night with Karli.  We in Operation Find Karli a Man mode.  Okay, that wasn’t our primary objective at the beginning of the night, but that’s what it turned into after a beer or two.

Karli is beautiful and funny and independent and smart.  She has a beautiful bright daughter.  She’s great with money, owns her own home, and is constantly looking for ways to help other people.  Karli is the kind of person who me want to be a better person.  And, with that winning combination, she’s been without a steady boyfriend for two years.  How does that happen?

We went up to my friend’s bar and hung out with him, before walking over to this Irish pub down the way. We got there, scoped it out and drank our beers for a bit before I stepped outside for a few minutes to make a call and give the guys an opportunity to move in.

And you know what happened?

Nothing.  Nada.  Nil.

I’m so unbelievably disappointed in the men out there.  Fools.


Rolled out of bed this morning after Dog expended quite a lot of time snuffling in my neck and worming his body next to mine.  After I listened to his breathing and sporadically thumping tail for the last half-hour of my futile attempt at dozing, I got up, threw on some sweats and off we went.

We got to Dog’s girlfriend’s house just as she and her “dad”, Bill, were leaving on their morning walk. I waited and dog peed on their African Irises while Bill went back in the kitchen to grab a doggie waste bag. Then the four of us took off on our walk.

We moved into the neighborhood when Dog’s girlfriend was about six months old, so Bill and I have been slowly getting to know each other for the last three years.  We run into each other a couple of mornings a week and walk together while Dog and Dog’s girlfriend do their business and play together.

Bill and his wife have three daughters, and they both grew up in South Tampa, with lots of friends and family on both sides.  I know Bill’s wife and kids well enough to wave and chitchat when we run into each other, but Bill and I are getting to know each other better.  He’s a dedicated dad and husband.  Everyone in the area knows him, and he really is a good, good guy.

Earlier this week we had run into each other, and I told him about having a date to have lunch with The Man this week.  He’d asked about how I met him and all that.  So I told him the story, and now he calls him my Destiny Man, which makes me laugh nervously and say, “Stop calling him that.  I’m freaked out enough without you adding to it.”  And Bill just laughs at me.

After Bill and I get going, I ask him to finish the story of how he and his wife met.

They had met while away at college.  They had mutual friends, but he hadn’t liked her when they first met at someone’s house at about three in the morning when he says, “I was the only one in the house who was drunk.”

They’d ended up having a class together and sitting next to each other, when he told me she’d mistaken him for someone else, a friend who was his doppelganger.

“Yeah, sure.  That’s what she told you, Bill,” I’d said to him.

“No, no.  She had a serious boyfriend here at home.”

I nodded and made a “hrmph” sound, and he went on to tell me she’d returned here to her boyfriend to finish school.  That didn’t work out, and the two of them ran into each other at a bar two years later. He bought her a drink, and they’d been together ever since.

“When did you know you wanted to marry her?” I asked.

“Oh, that’s a different story.  We dated for six years.  There’s a difference between wanting to get married and being ready to get married,” he told me.

By this time, Dog and Dog’s girlfriend are lying in the grass in front of his house, and it’s time for us to head back to the house for coffee and a nap.  Bill’s got to take the girl’s to the orthodontist, so he’s got to go in.

“I guess I did things kind of backward,” I say.

“There’s no right way to do it,” he tells me.  “Everyone’s ready in their own time.”

And he’s right.

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