Mostly Pink

My writing class work-shopped my short blog story last Wednesday. Weird to have a whole group of people criticize you all at once. Must remember to be kinder in my critiques in the future.

No, they mostly had good things to say. It was just strange, that’s all. Basically, they were critiquing my life, because that’s what the blog is. Sure, the names have been changed, and there’s some embellishment. Not too much though, so for the most part, the story I submitted was non-fiction. Well, non-fiction through my rose-colored glasses.

It was a little like I imagine therapy must be. Brutally honest and somewhat painful…

So, I spent a big part of today doing rewrites of the story and elaborating on my life, since from their comments, I realized I needed to explain myself – explain my motivations, explain my way of thinking. Today, I had to climb into my own brain and figure out what makes me tick.

It’s scary and a little weird in there, but mostly it’s just pink.


Here are some truths about me:

I planted flowers today even though we’re going into the dry season, just because I think flowers make everything pretty.

I tell myself I’ll water the flowers every morning since they won’t get the rain they need to grow. In reality, I will water them about once a week and be broken-hearted when they shrivel up and die.

I was the teensiest bit insulted when someone told me that my blog reminded them of Sex and the City.

I’ve seen every episode of Sex and the City. Twice.

I used to hate Angelina Jolie for stealing Brad Pitt from Jen, and I haven’t watched a movie either Jolie or Pitt have been in since.

My best friend lives almost 700 miles away, and I talk to her every single day. She knows everything about me, including the embarrassing stuff. In the 12 years we’ve known each other, we’ve lived in the same state at the same time for a total of six months.

My favorite book of all time is Lolita. The main character is, sadly, a complete nut job, but by the end of the story, he gets it. I love that Nabokov’s first language was Russian, yet he wrote this in English and opens using iambic pentameter. I love it most for the last lines of the book: “I’m thinking of aurochs and angels, the secret of durable pigments, prophetic sonnets, the refuge of art. And that is the only immortality you and I may share, my Lolita.”

I’m on my fifth copy of Lolita, because every time I loan it out, it never comes back to me.

I didn’t know what an aurochs was until I saw a picture of the cave paintings at Lascaux in Art History class.

When I was a little girl, after being a mother, I most wanted to be a writer and a police woman.

I never went to Prom.

Instead of going to my senior year of high school, I went to college early. As a result, I graduated from a high school I went to exactly one time – to pick up my diploma.

When I was at college in Vermont, my friends and I stole a sign from one of those mom and pop general stores. It was a hand painted miniature sleigh that they had hung next to the door. At the end of the year, I took the sleigh back and left it on their doorstep in the middle of the night.

I majored in English, Art History, Philosophy, and Religion. I have a degree in the Humanities, because I couldn’t make up my mind which I liked best.

I’ve gone to eight different universities,.. so far.

I’m getting ready to start grad school. I’m planning to get a double masters degree in library science and art history. But I’m still not sure what I want to be when I grow up.

I’ve lived in Florida, California, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Mexico, Nevada, Hawaii, Kansas, and New Jersey.

I have never lived alone.

I celebrated my 23rd birthday in the Bahamas. That was the one and only time I’ve been out of the country.

If I ever run away from home, you can find me on Gozo. It’s the one place I really want to visit someday.


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