Sick and Tired

Two boxes of Kleenex with lotion?  Check

Twelve-pack of Quilted Northern for when the Kleenex boxes are empty?  Check

Ginger Ale, Gatorade, Constant Comment tea?  Check, check, and check

What do you mean you need to see my license to buy Mucinex D?  Seriously?

Copy of this week’s People? Well, yeah.  I’m not dead yet.

So, I’m sick.  Head cold variety.  Nothing crazy.  Just enough to make me uncomfortable and cranky.

I never foresee being sick – I mean, who plans for these things? – so every time I get to feeling this way, I grab a fistful of tissue and head up to the store to buy supplies and spread my germs.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a person who traveled from town-to-town dropping off little care packages for the ill   He’d be like Santa or the Easter Bunny but for the sick.  He could dress up in scrubs and carry a giant thermometer for a wand – the Sick Fairy.  There’s got to be a better name than that, but my head’s really foggy right now…

Kind of a crazy week. Monday was, well, a Monday. Tuesday was spent gearing up for a big project at work and a visit from my boss flying in from Charlotte on Wednesday. Thursday just sucked.  And here we are Friday, sick as a dog.  Just in time for the weekend.  Lovely.


I caught myself being a bad friend this week.

People generally don’t think of themselves as bad people, do they?  Even serial killers have some weird sort of justification for their behavior. But I just don’t have an excuse. I was being selfish.  And, the bottom line is, I’m a spoiled brat who wants to get her way no matter what.

But, you know, I’m not going to worry about it until I’m feeling better and the haze of decongestant passes.  Everything always seems worse than it really is when you’re sick.

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