Girl Crush

I have a big, fat girl-crush.

She’s got dark brown hair and big brown eyes, and she’s really tall. She’s kind of a bitch, too, which I completely dig. It’s all about the attitude.

Her name is Kahlua, and she’s the most beautiful horse in the world.

We made a deal today that if she would put aside her bitchy ways for me, next time I see her, I’d bring her an apple.

I’m riding at this barn out in Seminole, which is a bit of a drive, but the trainer’s really cool. She’s youngish and is exactly the kind of woman I’m a little in awe of for the way she just takes control and commands respect.

I met with her last week after talking with her on the phone a couple of times over the holidays. I think we’ll work well together. She’ll keep me safe, if for no other reason than it would be a huge hassle to her if I got hurt. I kind of dig that, too.

I went last week to get fitted for my chaps and buy a helmet. Had so much fun shopping for horse stuff. The folks at Foxwood Saddlery are completely cool, if you’re in the market.

So, I woke up this morning all excited for my lesson today. I totally felt like it was the first day of school, and it kind of was. I jumped out of bed at 5:30 and dragged the dog along for a run. Of course, I already had my shiny new helmet and kick-ass black suede chaps packed and in the car the night before. Then I went to work and spent all day with a huge, goofy grin on my face. As soon as 4:00 rolled around, I was out the door to go hang with my new crush.

The beginning of any relationship is just like a constant adrenaline rush, isn’t it? You can’t wait to see the object of your affection. Everything is perfect. Everything is new. The whole world is better, somehow, for allowing that part of your life to exist.

Hanging with Kahlua today was awesome and absolutely worth the pain I’m going to be in tomorrow from using all those muscles I’d forgotten existed…

It’s not love, yet, but I’m definitely in deep smit.


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