That’s How I Roll

My best friend, Carrie, sent me a text a couple of days ago.  It said:

“There’s a lil angel that the flies around & hits people that I love…  I hope he beats the sh*t out of u.”

Cute, right?

So, I forwarded the message to a bunch of my buddies with varying responses:

From Josh – “Thank you?”

From my sister, Julia – “Aw! Thanks for the laugh.  Love you too!”

From the son I gave birth to – “Oh thanks chainmail freak.”

From the son I didn’t give birth to but who sleeps on my couch weekly – “Thanks!  Now I can go through life waiting to get my @ss kicked.”

Hmmm.  No more chainmail texts…


Talked with Josh tonight. He’s got some health problems a young man of 40-year-old shouldn’t be experiencing.  Nothing crazy.  But it’s freaking me out.

I know he’ll be fine and all that.  At least that’s what he told me.  Still, I’m not liking the way this whole growing older thing is going.


Went out with this guy a couple of weeks ago.  Super nice guy.  No chemistry, but a super nice guy.   He emailed me yesterday to ask me out for this weekend.  I was up for it, but he pressed for reassurance as to where things were going on my end.  As is my policy, I was honest.  Told him I honestly wanted to be friends.  Not a blow off.  Just not a connection.  Got to be honest.  That’s how I roll.  He told me we should just “table things” for now.  And, honestly, my feelings are a little hurt.

What’s wrong with being friends?  Why is that a bad thing?

Talked with Sadie tonight. She suggested I join a singles group. I wanted to reach through the phone and strangle her.


So, I’m heading out with, Ashley, the girl I met at the golf tournament.  We haven’t been out together since last month, when we had a really neat time that somehow included hanging out at the Don Cesar and peeing in the woods. Don’t ask how those things go together. We made it work.

We’re going to dinner. I’m hoping somewhere with indoor plumbing…

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