I Love a Parade

Was in a boat parade today. Had a blast. I didn’t have time for breakfast, so the old guys at the helm got me some orange juice. They winked when they told me it was pasteurized and nudged me toward the bow. By noon, I had a nice little buzz, and my arm wasn’t a bit tired from waving at everyone all day.

I love being on the water, and it was a beautiful day for it. We got done at about one o’clock, had a quick lunch, and then I got lost in some neighborhood in Madeira Beach. I feel like I’m lost about ninety percent of the time and that I’m endlessly circling someplace that looks familiar, just trying to figure out where I’m supposed to be. Life would be so much easier if I’d just break down and buy a Garmin.

By around two, I was completely frustrated, and my buzz was killed. I stopped at a McDonald’s for directions and the bathroom, where I changed out of my work clothes and into shorts and a top. Got a “Woo-hoo! Hey, Baby!” from some guy in a big truck in the drive thru as I was walking back out to my car. I’m never sure if I should be flattered or insulted when that happens. This time, I was neither, and I couldn’t help but think, Buddy, if you only knew.

You should never judge someone’s outsides by your insides. Most people are just as screwed up as you are and some are even more so. Take the person with the season passes and the big ol’ Expedition, huge house, and a nose and teeth that together cost more than my last car. They’re a mess, just like you are. The car’s a lease. The house is about to be foreclosed on. The nose is a disaster. And they’re bouncing checks at the grocery store.

But it’s not just money. Count yourself fortunate if your only problem is money. You can always make more money. Some people have some serious issues – health, emotional, or whatever. Even though I have my days when I feel like a total loser, I still know that I’m pretty lucky.


Mr. Perfect called again. Not sure if I want to see him or not. Things are crazy with work, and Carrie is coming into town next week for a visit. I really just want to hang with friends right now.

Heading out tonight with a girl I met earlier this week. She a pretty girl, very sweet, and she works for a charity, sitting around at golf courses and earning a dollar for every five she gets donated. She’s an absolute doll, and as practically the only two people present with two Y-chromosomes, we immediately bonded when we met at the golf tournament my group hosted for work this week. Should be fun. Thankfully, she’s driving so there’s half a chance we’ll get there.

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