Got an email from my high school sweetheart today.  I’m totally jazzed.  He is such an awesome guy.  He was soooo cute.  That was back when I was in my “pretty boy” stage.  But for all his pretty boy looks, he’s really such a regular guy.

One of five kids, he was the oldest boy.  His little brothers loved me.  His father never said too much, but his mother loved me, too.  Well, she did until my parents got me an apartment after they’d moved to Vermont, and I’d stayed behind to finish high school.  Then, he was staying at my place on the weekends.  She still loved me, but in a slightly less unconditional way.  Oh, well. We were in love.

He was a skater when we were in high school, and his first business was a pool resurfacing company. So funny considering the amount of time we spent driving around listening to Guns ‘n Roses while we were looking for empty pools for him and his buddies to skate in when we were just kids running around.

We used to skip school together and go to this beach park in Tarpon Springs.  There was a house across from the entrance to the park that we’d talk about living in when we grew up and got married.

He’s a professional game fisherman now and lives in Alabama.  It was cool to hear from him.  The last time we saw each other was fifteen years ago.  I forgot to ask if he still has that Pearl Jam cd he borrowed from me…

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