Boys and Golf

I was just kicking around tonight and decided to check my messages.  Imagine my surprise when there is a message from Scott.

Okay, now imagine my surprise when I find a message from Scott on my home phone when I’ve never given him that number.

Scott’s just checking in, so I think about it for a few minutes, measuring in my mind how much damage a call will do.  I decide I have to call back, because we have mutual friends, and I don’t want there to be any weirdness if we run into each other.  And we have a nice conversation.  We talk about life and stuff we’ve been doing since we last spoke earlier in the month.  He’s busy. I’m busier.

I ask him about how they announce golfers at tournaments, because part of my duties in this outreach thing is to announce the people I’m caddying for at a golf tournament my group is hosting.  In case you, like me, have never taken the time to immerse yourself in the world that is the Golf Channel, this is how they do it:

“Now on the tee:  From (city they’re from) is (person teeing off).”

Don’t ask me why it’s important that I know this, or why it’s important to these guys that they are announced as they tee off.  Men are strange.  At least, the men I work with are strange.  Or maybe it’s akin to their preening in front of the mirror.

So, Scott and I come to the end of the conversation, and he gets around to asking me out again.

Before the words “I’m just not dating right now” are even out of my mouth, he’s saying, “I know. I’m sorry.”

Why did you ask, if you already know the answer?

Before we end the call, he does tell me, and this is so sweet, that he’s taken to wearing flip-flops instead of dressing so formally all the time.

“I’ve gone out with my buddies a couple of times wearing flip-flops already.”  Is how he ends his monologue on his transformation from straight-laced millionaire to beach bum.

He says this because I gave him a hard time about dressing up the last time we went out.  And I smile on my end of the line, and tell him that I think that’s a good thing.   I mean, we do live in Florida, right?

He asks if he can check in with me time-to-time, and I tell him, “Sure.”

He’s not hurting me at all by calling, and, you know, I think you can never have too many friends.

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