Wax On

I got an email today from this boy I bought a car from a while back.  We ended up spending hours together waiting to get the title changed over, and I guess we sort of bonded over our mutual disgust with the lack of efficiency of the Pinellas County DMV.

He’s in the Air Force, and he was selling his car because he was transferring to Italy.  He spends four months in Italy, and then, they send him to Iraq for eight months.  I only heard from him once during the time he was in Italy, but I’ve gotten more emails from him since he arrived in Iraq.  This kid is so nice, and the things he tells me about his time there make me worry for him.  I’m always afraid the emails will stop.

In my last email, I sent him a link to this web page I’d found on military humor: http://skippyslist.com/list/.  It’s very funny.  Check it out.

So, anyway, I’ve been thinking, and I’ve come to the conclusion that guy, Sam, was right.  I don’t need to date right now.  I’m just on the fence with everything.  Why drag some poor guy into it? So, aside from breaking-in my new strappy sandals with the four-inch heel, I’ve done absolutely nothing of any consequence this weekend.

I went for a wax and mani-pedi Saturday morning.  The woman who does her best to keep my body hairless and my hands and feet pretty is named Kiki, and she is awesome.  She’s so good-natured about everything.

My bikini wax is always awful.  I get the Brazilian, and I try to be okay with the indignity of the whole thing, but it’s just so weird.  Kiki just throws one of my legs skyward, laughs at the way I’m trying to maintain a smidgeon of modesty, and goes to town.  The next ten minutes are punctuated by my sharp intakes of breath and her voice saying, “You okay?” and “Better.”  (This portion of her English lesson is maybe not so valuable.)  Once it’s over, all the pain and embarrassment is definitely worth it.


On the weekends Whole Foods puts out these great samples.  Not long ago this guy back in seafood let it slip that all they do is cook and eat all day, so now I try to time my grocery run for about noon on Saturdays in order to take advantage of the lunchtime sampler.  I have cheese and fruit in produce, this yummy cranberry walnut bread with spread in the bakery, and I wash it all down with a thimble-sized cup of iced green tea over on the soft drink aisle.  What’s better than free, organic food?  I also pick up shampoo and some vitamins I’d promised to mail to Carrie while I’m there.

You know, one of my favorite movies is called “Singles.”  It was written by Cameron Crowe, whom I think is just a great writer for my generation.  (One of my favorite quotes from him comes from that movie “Almost Famous.” The quote is: “The only true currency in this bankrupt world… is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”  I love that.)  If you haven’t seen the movie, Singles, it’s about a group of twenty-something’s living in Seattle in the 90’s.  The character played by Bridget Fonda ends up breaking-up with the boyfriend who doesn’t appreciate her and she has this monologue where she talks about being alone and how there’s a certain dignity to it.  Well, she, or rather Mr. Crowe, was right.  Brazilian bikini waxes aside, there is a certain dignity in being alone.

And, my new sandals are all broken in now, too.

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