Mommy and Me

I’m going to my mother’s place on the beach today. My mother lives about two hours away in the town I was born. It’s a beach town with a mellow vibe, great beaches, and great surfing. Being home always makes me feel grounded.

When I get to my mom’s place, we decide to go get mani-pedi’s at her regular place up the road and head up there and chitchat while we wait for chairs next to one another.

Once we’re settled in our vibrating chairs, my mom and I get around to talking about the Man, and she and the Vietnamese nail techs listen while I give her the run down. I tell her that I can’t believe that I’m still upset about this, and that I think I should be over this by now.

And then she tells me, “Paige, this man is going to cause you grief. If you decide to stay with him, he’s going to cause you grief for a long time. But if it’s worth it to you to be with him, you need to do nothing. Absolutely nothing. Just be happy and be beautiful. If it’s meant to be, he’ll come to you.”

I see one of the nail techs nod.

Somehow, this makes me feel better.

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